Critical Care Unit


Critical care is medical care for people who have life-threatening injuries and illnesses. It usually takes place in an intensive care unit (ICU). A team of specially-trained health care providers gives you 24-hour care. This includes using machines to constantly monitor your vital signs. It also usually involves giving you specialized treatments.

  Who needs critical care? 

1. Severe burns

2. COVID-19

3. Heart attack

4. Heart failure

5. Kidney failure

6. People recovering from certain major surgeries

7. Respiratory failure

8. Sepsis

9. Severe bleeding

10. Serious infections

11. Shock

12. Stroke


What happens in a critical care unit?

  In a critical care unit, health care providers use lots of different equipment, including

1. Catheters, flexible tubes used to get fluids into the body or to drain fluids from the body

2. Dialysis machines ("artificial kidneys") for people with kidney failure

3. Feeding tubes, which give you nutritional support

4. Intravenous (IV) tubes to give you fluids and medicines

5. Machines that check your vital signs and display them on monitors

6. Oxygen therapy- to give you extra oxygen to breathe in

7. Tracheostomy tubes, which are breathing tubes. The tube is placed in a surgically made hole that goes through the front of the neck and into

8. Ventilators (breathing machines), which move air in and out of your lungs. This is for people who have respiratory failure.

  What kinds of illness and injury usually require critical care? 

Typical examples of critical illness include heart attack, poisoning, pneumonia, surgical complications, premature birth, and stroke. Critical care also includes trauma care - care of the severely injured - whether due to an automobile accident, gunshot or stabbing wounds, a fall, burns, or an industrial accident.

We understand how difficult this time can be for patients and their families. Our team knows they have a solemn responsibility and are dedicated to providing patients with the high-quality care they need to make a safe recovery.

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